This is what independence looks like.

You’re invited to join us next Tuesday June 8.

14 Moore Lane, Bundaberg


Investors, Providers, Participants and their families are all invited to our first look tour of these homes, before they’re opened to Participants to move in.  

These wonderful SDA homes feature single participant, High Physical Support accommodation, built to the latest LHG SDA standards.

Also fully furnished with TV in the bedrooms, it’s ready to go. We also welcome short stay and SIL participants – the owners will do whatever they can to work with all involved so that Participants can start living in this beautiful SDA home.      

We are open to any modification that would help the property meet a participants requirement in either unit.

Participant First

We are taking a Participants First approach.
"Your choice" means getting a say on how you or your family member is going to live and where and who with. For many families and participants, we'll customize the new home to your requirements before you move in, we will build a property from scratch, based on your requirements.


As Registered SDA providers we only provide properties that are in great locations that adhere to the strict LHG SDA standards to ensure that our participants and their families always come first. We have all been fully trained on all the complexities involved with the NDIS and we are here to help.