We at Horizon SDA are here to assist you in obtaining Specialised Disability Accommodation. Compared to a nursing home, our plans are airy and airy. Because our SDA homes aren’t clustered, you’ll have a sense of belonging in the community.

This house is close to main streets and the city centre, but it is still in a quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our two-bedroom home has plenty of wheelchair-accessible outdoor and indoor spaces where you can unwind.

Other home features you may enjoy:

Feel the breeze from your Al Fresco area, with fenced and landscaped outdoor area

Firm and slip resistant wide pathways for wheelchair accessibility

Beautiful, wheelchair-accessible kitchen with height-appropriate benchtops

All our SDA homes come fully furnished with a TV in each room

Proximity to restaurants and grocery stores

Our homes provide emergency power solutions in preparation for outages

All our SDA houses are designed to the highest specifications and physical support SDA certification criteria and are totally independently 3rd party approved.

Our homes can be customized to meet the needs of individual tenants and include cutting-edge smart-home technology, such as the ability to control lights, blinds, access doors, air conditioning, and intercom systems from a mobile device.

We would love to hear from you, if you wish to have your SDA home custom designed call us directly.