At Horizon SDA, we are helping Participants move into their new SDA homes, where they can live with dignity, respect, and as much independence as possible.

We also enjoy assisting carers and family members in regaining their freedom, assured that their family member is well looked after.

Our motto is “Your choice, on your terms, at your pace”.

“Your choice” means getting a say on how you or your family member is going to live and where and who with.  We are building custom designer homes now all across Queensland, suited to cater for homes needing  1 to 4 Participants. For many families and participants, we’ll customize the new home to your requirements before you move in, we will build a property from scratch, based on your requirements.

We firmly believe that when you move into your home, this will be your home for as long as you need it or want to stay there. Our investors and partners are more than willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy. Horizon Property SDA care will be your property manager working in collaboration with your team of carers.

We build in collaboration with occupational therapists and support teams to ensure the home is suitable & complies with the strict SDA & LHG certification standards.

Wide Bay

Wide Bay–Burnett is a region of the Australian state of Queensland, located between 170 and 400 kilometres (105 and 250 miles) north of the state capital, Brisbane. The area’s population growth has exceeded the state average over the past 20 years, and it is forecast to grow to more than 430,000 by 2031. It is the subject of the Draft Wide Bay–Burnett Regional Plan, which aims to facilitate this growth while protecting over 90% of the region from urban development.

Bundaberg Is known for Bundaberg Rum, and the Bundaberg Distillery offers museum tours and tastings. Bundaberg Botanic Gardens is home to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, dedicated to solo long-distance pilot Bert Hinkler. Nearby on the coast is Mon Repos Regional Park, home to sea turtles, and offshore is Lady Elliot Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Hervey Bay is widely known as a site for observing humpback whales. Whale-watching boats operate during the July to November migration season. It’s also a hub for tours to nearby Fraser Island, which has beaches and features a rainforest habitat for dingoes and other wildlife. A waterfront esplanade links the city’s marina with beaches offering calm waters for swimming.

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