Whats in a name?

You may have noticed that the names of our designs have been updated.

There are two reasons for the change.

Firstly, our previous naming convention of Stars & Bands was not sustainable as we grow – it’s not fair to use someone elses’ trade mark, and while it was in good fun, we never intended to leverage someone else’s brand or cause any discomfort or inconvenience. If we have done so, we are sorry.

Secondly, we want to make this fun.

By coming up with some of the funniest pet names that we could, we’ve been able to make investing in property more fun that it already was!

As an added bonus, if we create a design for you, you get to name it.. what better way to celebrate than naming your design after a beloved pet!

Don’t take our names too seriously, and instead, focus on the excellent returns and profits to be made from our excellent positive cash flow investment strategies.