We are helping participants. Our business is designed to change lives within the disability sector.

At Horizon SDA Care we build and design our homes at the highest spec, i.e., High Physical Support and have them certified by independent SDA certifiers. By doing this, we open all options when a participant applies to rent your home. It provides you with the option to go down a level if required.

The NDIS SDA is an ever-changing Organisation mandated by the Federal Government, and eligibility is always on a case-by-case basis for SDA funding. The process is complex for participants and their support team – it takes time and is seldom straight forward.

Horizon SDA’s goal has always been to achieve the best and highest returns possible – in saying this, we recommend keeping an open mind when a participant applies. While we invest a great deal into building a participant pipeline, we have no control over where applications come from, who will apply, or how long NDIS will take to approve an application.
If a Participant applies at a lower level, please understand that your return will still be higher than your average rental property, and is much better than having a vacant property with no income coming in. We offer you a range of incomes in our presales material for this reason.

Some Investors choose to wait for a higher-level SDA participant – this may mean a longer vacancy period and could affect your cashflow reserves and your long term and short-term returns.
When one of our team members introduces a participant, please be open minded, regardless of their SDA level, and consider all options.

Our team will ensure that your property is rented as a priority and will discuss all rental options throughout the process.
Our team have an educated understanding on the participant placement process. We ask please, leave our team to work diligently for you to get the best result possible – Interfering has been known to slow the SDA placement process. Strict, government enforced rules apply when dealing with participant’s and families and providers. All providers work under audited regulations.